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I’m Sorry My Lord, It’s In The Cloud

Use of technology in courtFor most of us in the legal profession, the idea of going paperless is daunting. Our overflowing file folders are packed full of an abundance of emails, letters, fax confirmation notices, pleadings, etc., carefully documenting each step and word of advice. For whatever reason, these enormous stacks of (somewhat organized) paper is a comfort to us.

Vogel LLP (being the revolutionaries that we are) has recently gone, duh-duh-duh, PAPERLESS. Well, we’re moving in that direction anyway . We have recently made the switch to a document management system called “Worldox”, which is designed to maximize efficiency, organization and security in firms. Its advanced search capabilities allow for more efficient location of a particular document, without madly flipping through pages and pages of file contents.

At first, this move was regarded with trepidation (understandably). However, over the past month-long transition period, paper is feeling less like a security blanket and more like unnecessary clutter.

We anticipate a continued increase in the use of computers and technology in the courtroom, which can only further enhance our level of organization and efficiency.

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