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If you suffer a traumatic brain injury from an accident in Calgary, it could seriously affect your life either in the short or long term.

If your accident resulted from the negligence of another party, they may be held liable and you may be entitled to compensation.

However, insurance companies are notoriously tough to negotiate a fair settlement with.

At Vogel LLP, we are intimately familiar with the claims process and our personal injury lawyers can help you seek justice for the unfortunate events that have affected you.

How do you know if you need a concussion lawyer?

The first thing you should do after any major accident is to get a thorough medical checkup.

Even if there are no visible signs of injury, a licensed medical professional needs to conduct a full health check.

While concussions can occur from direct impact, many occur without any contact to the head.  Symptoms are not always obvious. Sometimes, problems present themselves only later, after the shock of the accident has subsided.

A comprehensive medical checkup will ensure that you put your health first and also provide initial evidence documenting your injuries. This will be essential in pursuing a potential insurance claim.

Even a mild concussion can leave you with debilitating symptoms, such as physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioural impairment.

This may have serious consequences on your life – everything from employment to family and social life can be affected.

With a mild concussion, most symptoms tend to improve in the weeks after the accident. However, all concussions are different and the implications of the injury can be longer-term – six months or more.

In the worst cases of permanent traumatic brain injury, a patient requires comprehensive medical care that may be required for the duration of one’s life.

If you have suffered a concussion from an accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

This is why it is important to receive timely legal advice from an experienced concussion lawyer.

Should you see a doctor following a concussion?

A concussion is usually caused by a blow to the head or a rapid movement of one’s head that causes the brain to move inside the skull.

Nobody should take any chances when it comes to an injury like this. You should see your doctor after any serious accident that causes even what may first appear to be a “mild” head injury – no matter the cause.

Even if emergency medical care is not required, you may require scans or other neurological examinations and diagnostic procedures to fully check your health.

After you are checked by a doctor, you should return to seek medical care if you experience any of the following, which are sometimes referred to as symptoms of “post-concussion syndrome”:

  • Dizziness
  • Memory problems
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Difficulties with concentration
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Nausea
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Anxiety or agitation
  • Depression
  • Apathy

Some or all of these symptoms commonly present themselves within a few days of an accident. They should not be ignored as they may point to more serious damage to the brain that may have been missed during your original health check.

Symptoms may last no more than a day or two or may continue on an indefinite basis.

Your doctor will be able to advise you on treatment options (medication, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, etc.) and include the details of your concussion injuries in your medical report, which will be necessary when you file a claim.

Are you entitled to income supplements in Calgary?

Some people who suffer concussions in Calgary are unable to work for a period of time.

This can impact a victim financially as, in general, the complexities of the claims process mean that claims can go on for a lengthy period of time.

Insurance companies know that victims in accidents must pay their medical bills and other costs. They may try to pressure you into agreeing to a quick settlement.

Remember, if you sign a settlement, there is no going back even if you later discover that you were entitled to more. The best plan review with a lawyer to conduct all necessary communications with the insurance company and ensure your claim is handled properly.

As your lawyers, we will do everything we can to expedite the claims process and to limit the financial burden of your accident. That includes providing advice on how to claim income supplements.

The following supplements may be available to you in Calgary, depending on your circumstances:

  • Disability and income replacement benefits from your auto insurance company
  • Third-party insurance advances
  • Disability insurance through your employer or otherwise
  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits
  • Alberta Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)

Get help with a concussion claim in Calgary

If you or a loved one have suffered a concussion injury, it is important to seek experienced and professional assistance as soon as possible to ensure that all the right steps are taken from the start.

The concussion lawyers at Vogel LLP in Calgary are experienced in filing personal injury claims on behalf of parties injured in many types of accidents.

If you need assistance, we will take the steps necessary to maximize the damages you receive.

Start the process by calling for a free consultation. We will be happy to evaluate your case and answer your questions.

Please note that this information does not replace legal advice.

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