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Recovering from a Brain Injury

Mike Vogel

Recovering from a brain injuryWith the number of high impact collisions that continue to cause injuries in Alberta, it has become increasingly common to be diagnosed with having sustained a brain injury in the accident. Common initial symptoms following a brain injury can include, a loss of consciousness, feeling dazed, and/or memory issues. The medical evidence is continually expanding in the area and seems to point to brain injuries being sustained by either hitting ones head on a solid object or from a violent shaking of the head associated with the snapping motion of one’s neck following a collision

If one has potentially sustained a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, it is best to obtain medical advice right away. Brain injuries take a variety of forms and some take longer to recover from than others. In order to best recover from a concussion or brain injury, medical experts often recommend the following:

  • Give your brain ample cognitive rest
  • Avoid strenuous physical activities until fully recovered with a slow gradual return when ready
  • Refrain from alcohol and drugs
  • Review medications with a doctor
  • Avoid too many stimulants (e.g. television / computer usage)

Should you or someone you know sustain a brain injury in relation to an accident, if it best to seek all appropriate medical and legal opinions. For more information about our firm and the personal injury process, please visit our Personal Injury webpage.

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