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How Can Identities Be Protected In Divorce Case Files?

How Can Identities Be Protected In Divorce Case Files?In the age of social media, it’s common for people to share their news of engagement, marriage and birth with the world. But when it comes to divorce, most people want keep the details private. Now family lawyers are questioning whether identities should be kept under wraps in divorce documents to protect the privacy of the parties involved.

As it stands now, many files from divorce cases end up online on the Canadian Legal Information Institute website and sometimes local news publications. These files can contain information that can be embarrassing for the parties involved. Some documents even include financial information, which can lead to identity theft. Any allegations made in the courtroom by either party (whether true or false) can also end up in these files for the world to see. This information can be damaging for the pair divorcing, as well as any children or other relatives involved.

Now family and divorce lawyers are pushing for more anonymity in these files. One suggestion is to only use initials for any names mentioned in the case. This method would protect the identity of those involved in the case, while still allowing the case to be accessed by the public for education and other reasons. To learn more about this issue, continue reading the article here.

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