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Dispatches From The Desk Of A Summer Student

Since our last installment, I’ve completed my first summer as a Law Student at Vogel LLP. An accomplishment of this type warrants some reflection, and maybe just a little bit of bragging…

Last time I wrote, I knew I was fortunate to be able to assist with a trial. Little did I know that in a few short months, I would also have the opportunity to assist with two mediations (one personal injury, one family), an arbitration, two Judicial Dispute Resolutions and two Oral Hearings. Never mind the opportunity to observe all manner of court appearances, draft a huge variety of pleadings and participate in countless client meetings.

While many of my law school colleagues were slogging away all summer at research memos for lawyers they’d never seen (and clients they’d never meet), I have been treated as an integral part of the firm. Don’t get me wrong, I did my share of research! But I was also able to see the genesis of a research issue – through a consultation or client meeting – and follow it through to see the result – whether it was an Application, an offer or a Settlement Proposal.

That kind of hands-on learning is priceless in a summer law job, and very hard to come by. If you’re anything like me, your interest in the law is more than just a desire to win in court or bill at the highest hourly rate. It stems from a desire to connect with real people and to be a problem solver. While I know that my friends’ research memos do factor into a solution for a client somewhere, it can’t possibly compare to the feeling of having a client turn to you and thank you whole-heartedly for your small part in resolving their issue!

I am extremely grateful for my summer at Vogel and all of the experience I gained. Next up, Articling!

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