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Vogel LLP In Calgary Announces New Articling Student Aida Rafie

Vogel LLP announced that Aida Rafie will be an articling student for the next year.

“After summering at Vogel LLP in 2011, I was impressed with the wealth of knowledge and experience the firm had to offer,” commented Rafie. “I’m also drawn to the challenging learning environment that the firm provides.”

Rafie’s colleagues at Vogel LLP shared her enthusiasm over her new position as an articling student. At Vogel LLP, articling students receive professional guidance and support from lawyers with expertise in various areas of law during their articling term of one year.

“I chose Vogel LLP for the opportunity to work closely with experienced lawyers with the highest standards of practice,” concluded Rafie. “I see Vogel LLP as the ideal place for me to build my legal career.”

About Vogel LLP
Vogel LLP is a Calgary based law firm with expertise in Personal Injury, Family Law, and Estate Litigation. The lawyers at Vogel LLP are united by the common goal of delivering successful legal solutions to clients. Vogel LLP lawyers strive to solve their client’s problems in the most timely and effective way in accordance with the highest standards of practice and ethical conduct.

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