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Lawyers at Vogel LLP have extensive experience advocating for clients where a child has been abducted from Canada or where a parent abroad has had a child wrongfully removed and brought to Canada. In this unthinkable situation, you want experienced counsel that understands the law and the process.

Family law sometimes goes beyond borders. On the breakdown of a relationship, a parent may take the unilateral step of removing a child from the child’s country of residence. At Vogel LLP, our lawyers have routinely represented clients who have had to use the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction to have children returned to Canada. In every international child abduction case, time is of the essence. Our lawyers will provide strategic advice and act quickly.

We also have extensive experience dealing with cases where the Hague Convention does not apply including working with firms in other countries to coordinate family law matters, enforcing foreign family law judgments, challenging the validity of international marriage contracts, understanding jurisdictional issues, and being retained to act as experts in other jurisdictions. Vogel LLP is one of the very few law firms in Alberta that has cultivated the connections needed to ensure complex family law matters are handled with accuracy and knowledge.

We stay connected with counsel and clients throughout the world by attending international family law conferences, being members of the International Bar Association, and being able to provide family law services in several languages. This dynamic approach ensures we handle your international family law matter with excellence and efficiency.

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